one appy

Bidirectional Communication
Between you and your clients

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.

Send ad-hoc information through push notifications.
Receive messages, feedback and requests from your customers.

One Appy Features

Discover what we have to offer.

24/7 valuable information, even offline.
Personalized Interaction through the Sign in-Sign out feature
User Friendly Backend and client support
Statistics & many more

Benefits for your clients

with your business made easy

Whether you own a hotel, a restaurant or any kind of business, your clients will have all the information needed right in their phone.
For businesses of any size
Small or large it does not matter, every business of every type can benefit.
No upfront costs
No Contract
No credit card needed
No investments
No installation or hardware costs
No technical knowledge required
No hardware and software needed
Launch in just a few hours
All you need is a browser,
an internet connection
and a keyboard to upload your content

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